Acting for Change

Our Gucci Changemakers program encourages transformative change in local communities around the world and in the wider fashion industry. Anchored in action, we’ve been fostering and accelerating lasting social impact in collaboration with our partners on the ground.


London Changemakers

Building on the success of our Changemakers North America program, we expanded it to London in 2023. Through a multi-year partnership with the London College of Fashion at the University of the Arts London, our new Gucci Changemakers London program offers multidisciplinary scholarships to students who face financial barriers in accessing higher education.

2023 Gucci Changemakers

Launched in 2019, Gucci Changemakers catalyzes lasting change through key programs.

Gucci Changemakers Volunteering program

NGOs supported in 41 cities worldwide


Gucci employees volunteered

+892 | compared to 2022

Hours volunteered

+14,062 | compared to 2022

Gucci Changemakers North America

Local community members impacted since 2019

243210 +

Gucci Changemakers London

3 grants of €50,000 EUR each awarded to three grassroots organisations


Additional €30,000 EUR donation to support grantees’ running costs