2023 Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report

Our 2023 Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report showcases the progress we’ve made over the last year to advance our sustainability ambitions across People and Planet. Throughout the report we’ve highlighted new initiatives, building on past achievements to accelerate positive change throughout our global Gucci Community. Underpinned by science-based targets and a new ambitious absolute target, we’ve continued to reinforce our actions to reduce our footprint, while driving value creation for nature and communities. A collaborative and innovative spirit propels us forward in our efforts to attain our vision of a modern, responsible and circular luxury for the future.
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Our Journey

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Launched Circular Hub to advance the circular transformation of the fashion industry’s production model in Italy and conceived our 'Denim Project’, winning the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Award for Circular Economy at the 2023 edition of CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards. Gucci was also the first luxury fashion House in Italy to obtain a Certification for Gender Equality.


Became a Strategic Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to accelerate our vision of circularity. We also received the Climate Action Award presented at the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards in recognition of our commitment to regenerative agriculture and, as the first and only luxury brand, we were named one of the 2022 Best Places to Work For Disability Inclusion in North America by the Disability Equality Index. We achieved this recognition for our DE&I commitment for the second year in 2023.


Joined UN Women’s Generation Equality Action Coalitions as private sector lead of the Feminist Movements & Leadership Action Coalition, a 5-year commitment to accelerate actions and global commitments toward gender equality by 2026. We also launched Gucci’s Natural Climate Solutions Portfolio to protect and restore critical forests and mangroves, while also investing in regenerative agriculture.



We strive to empower our employees, our communities and our industry through the creation of new opportunities. We’re convinced that supporting meaningful change is vital, uniting us together to thrive and excel into the future.

Diversity & Workplace

Enhancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We’ve been championing diversity, equity and inclusion in all its forms, whether visible or invisible. We believe unique and diverse perspectives enhance our creativity and promoting opportunities for people in our global Gucci Community to reach their full potential is integral to our values.

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Safeguarding Craftsmanship

Bridging a heritage of craft with innovative and modern techniques is fundamental to our legacy. Behind every creation are artisans using expert skills and, through specialized schools and trainings, we’ve been focused on preserving their know-how for years to come.

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Gucci Changemakers

Changemakers Acting for Change

Our Gucci Changemakers program encourages transformative change in local communities around the world and in the wider fashion industry. Anchored in action, we’ve been fostering and accelerating lasting social impact in collaboration with our partners on the ground.

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Gender Equality

Advocating Gender Equality

Through Gucci CHIME we have been convening, advocating and strengthening the voices standing up for gender equality since 2013. By fostering unity and collective action across identities, borders, and generations we’ve been committed to ignite change.

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We’re deeply committed to transform our business model, reducing our footprint while creating value for nature and communities. Led by science, we hold ourselves accountable to be transparent, responsible and innovative every step of the way.

Considered Materials

Considered Materials

In our pursuit of a sustainability transformation we design with considered materials, purposely choosing lower impact materials and sourcing responsibly from trusted suppliers that adhere to our strict guidelines. Recycled, organic and regenerative alternatives have led to reduced impacts while we innovate solutions for the future.

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A Circular Transformation

Designing for circularity and breaking away from fashion’s traditional linear model requires radical change. We’ve been adopting circular principles and leveraging innovative programs to extend the life of our products while making the most of resources and minimizing waste right from the beginning.

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Restoring and Regenerating Nature

We made a commitment, starting in 2020, to invest in scaling up the materials in our collections sourced from regenerative agricultural practices. Ever since, we’ve been working closely with farms and farming collectives in Italy and around the world to support their efforts in restoring and regenerating their lands, improving soil health, water quality, biodiversity, animal welfare and carbon sequestration.

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Reducing Impacts

Minimizing Impacts through Action

Powered by our EP&L and led by science, we’ve been focused on opportunities and actions to minimize the impacts across our value chain, starting from raw material production. Our reduction goals to align with a 1.5°C pathway are ambitious, including a target under our parent company Kering to reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions across scopes 1,2 and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol by -40% by 2035.

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