Our Journey

Launched Circular Hub to advance the circular transformation of the fashion industry’s production model in Italy and conceived our 'Denim Project’, winning the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Award for Circular Economy at the 2023 edition of CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards. Gucci was also the first luxury fashion House in Italy to obtain a Certification for Gender Equality.


Became a Strategic Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to accelerate our vision of circularity. We also received the Climate Action Award presented at the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards in recognition of our commitment to regenerative agriculture and, as the first and only luxury brand, we were named one of the 2022 Best Places to Work For Disability Inclusion in North America by the Disability Equality Index. We achieved this recognition for our DE&I commitment for the second year in 2023.


Joined UN Women’s Generation Equality Action Coalitions as private sector lead of the Feminist Movements & Leadership Action Coalition, a 5-year commitment to accelerate actions and global commitments toward gender equality by 2026. We also launched Gucci’s Natural Climate Solutions Portfolio to protect and restore critical forests and mangroves, while also investing in regenerative agriculture.


Launched the Gucci Off The Grid collection: our vision of circularity, promoting the regeneration of materials and textiles.


Launched Gucci Changemakers Volunteering Program to make a difference in communities. At the same time, we launched the Gucci Changemakers North American Impact Fund and Scholarship Program in the United States. Furthermore, we set up a Global Equity Board to define DE&I priorities and held the first-ever ISO 20121 certified fashion show in 2019, extending it to advertising campaigns from 2020.


We protect craftsmanship skills for the next generation and launched Gucci École de l’Amour to pass on the skills that are critical for our artisanal craft and production methods.


Stopped using fur starting from our 2018 Spring/Summer collection. At the same time, we decided to stop using angora.


We’ve been working towards ensuring 100% of our raw materials can be traced through our entire supply chain by 2025. We achieved 99% overall traceability in 2023.


Launched our 10-year 'Culture of Purpose' sustainability strategy and committed to ambitious targets, including reducing our total footprint by -40% and greenhouse gas emissions by -50% since 2015, relative to growth, while also achieving gender parity by 2025. In 2020, we surpassed our total reduction target four years ahead of time reaching a -44% reduction and, in 2023, we attained a -78% reduction of absolute greenhouse gas emissions in scopes 1 and 2 of the GHG Protocol since 2015.


Began developing our first metal and chrome-free leather products, which we launched in 2015. We’ve scaled up metal and chrome-free leather from 0.2% to 42% of our total leather production as of 2023, with a goal of 100% metal or chrome-free tanning by 2025.


Together with co-founders Salma Hayek Pinault and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, we launched CHIME FOR CHANGE to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for gender equality. As of 2023, we’ve raised more than $22.7 million USD supporting over 530 projects worldwide, positively impacting more than 645,000 women and girls, reaching more than 3 million family and communities members.


Began experimenting with innovative materials, such as using a compostable bio-plastic in our footwear. Since then, we became the first luxury brand, in 2016, to use ECONYL© recycled nylon in ready-to-wear, and, in 2021, we presented our new animal-free and eco-friendlier material DEMETRA. We launched the reconsidered Gucci Horsebit 1955 made with DEMETRA in 2023.


Received the ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) certification and started using our Environmental Profit & Loss accounting to measure our impact on the environment. We extended the annual measurement of our footprint to incorporate the entire supply chain, analysing greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, water and air pollution, waste production and land use.


Launched our sustainable mobility initiatives and, as of 2023, around 67% of our company cars were electric or hybrid vehicles.


Awarded our first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate for sustainable buildings and in 2023 we had 147 LEED-certified cites around the world.


We measure and monitor the global environmental impacts associated with our direct operations every year, focusing on energy, water, paper consumption and waste production. We used 100% green electricity for directly operated stores in 2023 in accordance with RE100’s guidelines, with LED lighting in 90% of our stores worldwide.


First luxury brand to obtain SA 8000 (Social Accountability) certification combining criteria such as business ethics, respect for people, workplace health and safety, and equal opportunity. We’re also a member of SAI’s Advisory Committee.