Everywhere you look these days, women, girls and non-binary people are deep in it, standing up to overwhelming times with overwhelming, electrifying courage. So what would happen if we picked our heads up to look around at one another, to see that our issues are all interconnected—and that we can learn from each other’s work? That was the question The Meteor and CHIME FOR CHANGE asked at 22 For ‘22: Visions For a Feminist Future.


Nous regardons le monde qui nous entoure d’une manière holistique et croyons qu’il est de notre devoir d’être durable, responsable et responsable dans tout ce que nous faisons.

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A hilly area fully covered in green trees, a slightly cloudy yellow-tinted sky and the sun just visible over a peak on the right with sun flare.


Ce que nous défendons et comment nous agissons les uns envers les autres est au cœur même de qui nous sommes.

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A large group of people wearing white shirts and red gloves photographed from above, look into and wave at the camera, holding a sign that says “Gucci Changemakers, plant a tree, share the love”. They stand on a dirt path in front of leafy green bushes and trees.