Keeping plastic within a circular economy and out of the environment

We have been seriously reducing our reliance on plastic overall at Gucci while simultaneously prioritizing recycled and bio-plastics as a more sustainable substitute. We are also working to better integrate plastic alternatives into our products and throughout our entire supply chain, including our offices, stores and factories. To guide us in our efforts we follow our parent company Kering’s standard for raw material and manufacturing processes for which we are committed to achieve 100% alignment by 2025. Therefore, Gucci is replacing plastics and synthetic textiles deriving from virgin fossil fuels with more sustainable alternatives in our products, packaging and visual merchandising.

Over the last years some of the game-changing programmes we have launched for plastics and synthetic fibers include:

• Banning PVC in all our products since 2015.

• Replacing synthetic fabrics with recycled and bio-based alternatives, like we do in the Gucci Off The Grid collection.

• Progressively switching virgin plastic for recycled Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) plastic in the heels of our shoes from 2015 and using Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), containing up to 50% bio-plastic content, for the soles.

• All our shopping bag rain covers are made of recycled polyethylene and the hangers for our ready-to-wear collections are made of recycled polystyrene.

• Eliminate single use plastics in our packaging by 2030 through being a signatory to the Fashion Pact under our parent company Kering.

• Reusing industrial packaging to reduce our plastics footprint in business-to-business packaging.

• Launching the “Take Back” programme to reuse the plastic protective boxes for our accessories and thereby avoiding the production of 220,000 new boxes equalling 26 metric tons of plastic in 2019.

Plastics in numbers:
100% PVC-free since 2015
Eliminating single use plastics in packaging by 2030
220,000 boxes reused for B2B packaging in 2019
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