Plastic-free initiative

Every action counts to minimize plastic waste

One of the mandates in the Fashion Pact that Gucci signed in 2019 under its parent company Kering is associated with plastic consumption and waste. We have since launched various programmes to minimize our plastic consumption and we are constantly looking for new ways to further reduce it. For example, the plastic-free initiative for all of Gucci’s Italian offices has already eliminated single-use plastic from the company cafés, canteens, vending machines and meeting rooms, replacing it with more sustainable options and we have committed to extend this initiative throughout our business.

To further reduce our plastic footprint, we gave every employee a personally branded reusable steel water bottle. Not only did this mean that around 250,000 PET plastic bottles were no longer used in comparison to the previous year, it also helped our colleagues recognise that their behaviour can significantly reduce their personal impact on the planet.

To avoid wasting water and to further minimise plastic use, about 25% of our stores use water dispensers.

Stepping up these efforts across our business, we also set a target to eliminate single-use plastic in our packaging by 2025 for retail packaging and 2030 for industrial packaging through our Fashion Pact commitment under Kering.

We’ve increased industrial packaging reuse through initiatives like our ‘Take Back’ programme where we reuse all the plastic protective boxes for our accessories. It’s been a success, avoiding 578,000 new boxes and equalling 70 tons of plastic for industrial packaging in 2021, and 131 tons since we launched the programme in 2019.

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