Gucci partners with Worldrise and Artolution on World Ocean Day 2021

Gucci, Worldrise, and Artolution partner up within a synergic initiative to raise awareness on the deep link that exists between ocean protection and the fight against climate change.

As part of Gucci’s commitment to generating positive change for people and our planet, the House is continuously forging pathways to social and environmental sustainability by supporting organizations and participating in initiatives that further the cause. One such partner is Worldrise, an Italy-based non-profit organization that promotes the conservation and safeguarding of the marine environment and of which Gucci is a funding partner, specifically related to its 30×30 campaign to facilitate the protection of at least 30% of Italy’s oceans by 2030, and for which volunteer opportunities within the scope of the Gucci Changemakers Volunteering Program were activated.

For World Ocean Day on June 8, Worldrise launched a new project as part of the 30×30 campaign called “Ocean & Climate” to further raise awareness about the deep link that exists between ocean protection and the fight against climate change through street art. Gucci decided to participate with a synergic approach, involving one of its key partners, Artolution, an international organization that fosters positive social change through collaborative art in distressed communities.

Gucci, Worldrise and Artolution came together to design a large-scale mural with the participation of artists and refugees from the Rohingya camp in Bangladesh, all as equal collaborative creators. The work of hundreds of participants from the Rohingya camp that memorialized their relationship to the sea, water, the environment, the loss of their homes to fire, war, and flood, was combined into a singular work—a cross-continental, collaborative mural, the first of its kind—by Artolution Executive Director and Co-Founder, Max Frieder.

The artwork, which explores the wide-ranging traditions of goddesses and protectors of the sea from around the world including the Roman goddess Amphitrite, the Afro-Caribbean traditional goddess Yemana and the mythological goddess of the Philippines Magwayen, has been reproduced in Florence, Italy, thanks to the participation of the City of Florence and the Da Vinci Technical and Professional Institute, on a wall that belongs to the Institute, which traditionally highlights various ethical issues.

The Blessing for the Future of the Seas by Amphitrite, Magwayen and Yemọja

Art created in collaboration with the technical support and facilitation of Artolution Global Ambassador Vik Muniz and the Vik Muniz Studio, and could only have happened with the co-creatorship and collaboration of the Rohingya Artolution teaching artists and their families: <em>Suza Uddin, (Country Manager), Mohamed Islam ( Field Cordinator), Ayela, Anowara, Anowar Faruk, Anser Ullah, Beauty Akter, Boshir Ullah, Dildar Begum, Hasina, Hussain Mubarak, Kamrul, Meenara, Mohamed Amin, Mohamed Nur, Mohamed Noor, Mohamed Nuur, Mohamed Yonus, Mucharofa, Nobi Hossien, Reshmi, Shahina Akter.

The painting was completed with the support of Gucci partner Urban Vision and Italian artist, Mattia Campo Dall’Orto, and the contribution of Gucci employees within the scope of the Gucci Changemakers Volunteering Program.

Additionally, in a special video for World Ocean Day, adventurer, ecologist, and environmentalist David De Rothschild makes a global call to action to protect the world’s marine environments.

Gucci’s long-term efforts include a pledge to work towards shared and concrete goals in three key areas (halting global warming, restoring biodiversity, and protecting oceans) by signing the Fashion Pact under its parent company, Kering.

Specifically, to aid in protecting oceans, Gucci has launched various programs to minimize our plastic consumption:

  • Elimination of single-use plastic in packaging for e-commerce and retail and more sustainable practices and materials in logistics
  • Promotion of sustainable raw material sourcing and investments in regenerative agriculture projects
  • Replacement of synthetic fabric with recyclable or organic alternatives (Gucci Off The Grid)

Discover more about the Worldrise 30×30 Ocean & Climate Campaign 30× (content available in Italian only).

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