The craft of luxury at Gucci École de l’Amour

Heritage bridging across yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Entering Gucci École de l’Amour, conversations about the courses and training revolve around the essence of craft and the individuals who share their expertise. The hands and minds of Gucci’s artisans are invaluable; to be safeguarded and imparted for the generations to come.

From the creative phase to prototyping and sampling, from the pattern maker to the seamstress and the artisan with expertise in bamboo, it is crucial to understand that behind every Gucci product there are numerous skills and artisans working in harmony. This fosters the exchange of ideas, collaboration and mutual enrichment. In Gucci ArtLab the initial idea becomes an object of beauty and these traditional forms of craft are instilled in Gucci École de l’Amour’s students.

“For me, teaching is a beacon of preserving and illuminating artistry.”

Marco Piazzesi, LG (Leather Goods) Technical Trainer, Gucci École de l’Amour

Gucci École de l’Amour teachers hold the important role of imparting savoir-faire to the new generations. They skillfully guide students in mastering techniques, from using tools to crafting extraordinary bags. But what they truly aim to ignite is the passion that breathes life into this art form, where every stitch, every cut, and every detail becomes a masterpiece. Within Gucci École de L’Amour, teachers pass on to the new trainees a profound love for the craft and artisanship of luxury, enthusiasm for challenges, and a delight in creation. It is through an unwavering dedication that Gucci’s artisanal heritage is grounded in the skills and innovative techniques of tomorrow.

“I bridge the gap between the past and the future, and within the grasp of my students, I witness the dawn of a promising tomorrow. My heart overflows with joy, knowing that our treasured craftsmanship will continue to thrive through them.”

Marco Piazzesi, LG Leather Goods Technical Trainer, Gucci École de l’Amour

In this unique context, new apprentices have the extraordinary opportunity to closely observe the process of bringing Gucci collections to life. They can personally witness the love for the craft and dedication with which the artisans work every day, inspiring them to pursue perfection in their own art.

Thanks to the different courses offered by Gucci École de l’Amour, apprentices can absorb not only the technical skills but also the soul of the craft. The experience enriches these young individuals and shapes their future so that they can carry forward Gucci’s artisanal legacy into the future.

In 2022, Gucci also announced a collaboration with Istituto Secoli, Italy’s renowned fashion school, to establish a new course on Fashion Prototyping. Developed by Istituto Secoli with the support of the city of Novara and in collaboration with selected partners active in the region, the course is the latest endeavour the House is supporting to cultivate the know-how that underpins the creative heritage of Made in Italy, while investing in the training of young talents specializing in ready-to-wear. Complimenting the House’s courses on leather goods and shoes, Gucci employees contribute to the new ready-to-wear trainings and at the end of the course, internship at the House is offered to at least three of the young trainees.

Gucci École de l’Amour 2022 Highlights

22 people learned craft skills at the Craftsmanship School
55 people received technical training at the Factory School
1,093 people trained at the ArtLab and Factories Academy

Discover the full, audio-described video in the following link.

Discover the 2022 Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report at the following link.

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