Gucci and Istituto Secoli join forces to safeguard artisanal know-how

The course on prototyping to sustain Made in Italy expertise and support young talents

Artisanal expertise has always contributed to defining the exclusivity of Made in Italy products, and its protection is crucial for the long-term sustainability of Gucci.

In line with what is already happening for leather goods and footwear with Gucci Ecole de L’Amour – a special school launched in 2018 that over the years, has led to the training of over 650 people, the House is collaborating with Istituto Secoli with the aim of cultivating the knowledge that underpins the creative heritage of Made in Italy products, while investing in the training of young talents specialized in ready-to-wear.

Founded in 1934, Istituto Secoli has become an international reference point for the study of technical and applied design over the years.

In its new headquarter in Novara, Istituto Secoli presents Prototipia del Prodotto Moda – Fashion Prototyping – a course aimed at 30 young high school and college graduates between 18 and 25 years of age. The course was created with the support of the municipality of Novara and in collaboration with selected partners active in the area, including Gucci.

The course, started in October 2022, and in its second edition in 2023, sees full involvement from partner companies starting from the creation of the educational plan, developed from the analysis of the professional profile of the prototypist currently working at Gucci.

In line with its mission to protect craftsmanship and to support the younger generation, Gucci actively contributes to the training of young talents through:

  • on-site visits and cooperative learning at our prototyping departments
  • provision of tools and materials to each student for the creation of an original prototype under the supervision of a senior Gucci prototypist
  • internship placement of at least 3 young talents at the end of the training program

As a partner, Gucci also funds scholarships that facilitate access to training for the most deserving students and participate in the establishment of a Technical Committee to support the Institute’s Educational Management to continuously improve the educational project.

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