Gucci ArtLab

ArtLab is the Gucci centre for in-house prototyping and sampling of all our leather goods and shoes, combining these activities for the first time in the luxury industry

ArtLab is our futuristic centre of industrial craftsmanship and experimentation, a laboratory for leather goods and shoes. Located near the historical HQ of the company, which is in Casellina, and active since the beginning of 2018, Gucci ArtLab spans an area of over 37,000 square metres and employs over 950 people. For the first time ever in the history of the luxury industry, Gucci ArtLab puts activities related to leather goods and shoes under the same roof in order to improve the sharing of skills and best practices.

In order to meet the demand for Gucci’s items, which has nearly doubled in the last three years, significant investment has been committed to the supply chain, with a focus on preserving manufacturing know-how and innovation, vertical integration and lead-time reduction.

Within Gucci ArtLab, among others, the following activities are performed:

  • Full in-house prototyping and sampling activity for leather goods (handbags, luggage, small leather goods, belts) and shoes (women’s/men’s, elegant/casual)
  • R&D laboratories for new materials, metal hardware and packaging
  • Test lab (climate chamber and physical and chemical tests)
  • Accessories lab
  • Internal last and heel department for footwear development
  • Bamboo room for leather goods area
  • Pre-industrialisation area
Photo inside the Gucci ArtLab, featuring a room with Gucci wallpaper and chairs.

Gucci ArtLab has its own centre of experimentation, for innovation in processes and technology, where employees work in concert with their colleagues from the factories and the supply chain. It is the first place of its kind in the world – a place where designers enter with a dream, and leave with a physical product.

Gucci ArtLab in a nutshell:

Over 950 people employed with a focus on innovation and creative design

All the Gucci shoes and leather goods are prototyped at ArtLab

+37,000 square metre industrial platform

Located in Scandicci, Florence

Outside, Gucci ArtLab’s walls are hand-painted, featuring works by global talents who have collaborated with the House and whose imagery inspires innovation and craftsmanship, including Unskilled Worker, Jayde Fish, Ignasi Monreal, Phannapast, Angelica Hicks, Trouble Andrew and Coco Capitán.

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