CHIME Zine No. 5

Gucci’s CHIME FOR CHANGE presents the latest edition of CHIME Zine amplifying voices for gender equality

Building on its commitment to convene, unite, and strengthen the voices speaking out for gender equality, Gucci’s CHIME FOR CHANGE has launched a new issue of its CHIME Zine, dedicated to amplifying the voices of writers, activists, and artists around the world speaking out for gender equality.

“Tremendous strength can be found in nuance and intersection. Each of our contributors in this issue speaks to the power their intersections bring to the movement towards gender equality.”

Adam Eli, CHIME Zine Editor-in-Chief

CHIME Zine No. 5 explores the power of intersections in the global gender equality movement, including race, gender identity, disability, class, and more. This latest edition, which features voices from around the world including Taiwan, India, El Salvador, Samoa, Italy, France, and the United States, is complete with written essays and artworks curated and edited by writer and community organizer Adam Eli and art directed by visual artist MP5.

Among the powerful contributions are:

  • Elisa Manici on the stigma of fatness and its cultural meanings,
  • Assa Traoré on the movement for racial justice in France and globally,
  • Eno Pei-Jean Chen on queer culture in Taiwan and South Korea with translation by Ariel Chu,
  • Artwork by Kira Wei-Hsin Jacobson (許維昕),
  • Graphic art by Rawand Issa,
  • A personal account by Ritu Singh on the role of women in the historic Indian farmers’ protest,
  • Isabel Mavrides-Calderón on the intersection of gender and disability,
  • Faaolo Utumapu-Utailesolo on working with Women Enabled International on disability and gender-based violence in Samoa,
  • Cecilia Gentili in conversation with Bianka Rodríguez on trans activism and the discrimination trans women face in housing, sex work, the criminal justice system and within the trans community in Central America and beyond.

View and explore the interactive version of the new CHIME Zine here or download here.

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