#GenerationEquality CHIME Zine

A special digital CHIME Zine dedicated to amplifying the youth voices of the Generation Equality Forum

During the occasion of the Generation Equality Forum in Paris beginning on June 30, 2021, CHIME FOR CHANGE presents a new special digital edition of the CHIME Zine, dedicated to the voices of youth activists and organizers of the Forum. The Zine – Gucci’s ongoing publication featuring activists, writers and artists fighting for gender equality – is another powerful issue in CHIME’s collection edited by organizer and author Adam Eli and art directed by visual artist MP5.

Representing the most diverse generation to date, the youth leaders of the Forum together are challenging power structures and driving urgent action to resolve the world’s most pressing issues with an intersectional feminist perspective. United in this special digital edition of the Zine, the youth voices from countries around the world – including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guatemala, Kenya, Turkey, Tunisia, the United States and Zimbabwe – call for global attention on issues facing young feminists today, and to advance innovative, transformative solutions to realize a gender-equal future.

“For us to unfold our tran¬sformative power, we need to be given real power, leadership and co-ownership.”

Juan Pablo Poli, Argentinian gender equality activist & Generation Equality Youth Task Force member

Among the powerful contributions to the Zine are essays and artwork highlighting how youth activists #ActForEqual and channel their collective power in this critical moment for gender equality. Voices include:

  • Juan Pablo Poli on youth engagement in the Generation Equality Forum
  • Ana Sáenz de Tejada on the rise in feminist movements across Latin America
  • Artwork by Brazilian artist Camila Rosa, featuring feminist perspectives on gender equality
  • Anika Jane Dorothy on grassroots and feminist organizing in the Global South
  • Doreen Moraa Moracha on creating hope for and awareness of girls living with HIV/AIDS
  • İlayda Eskitaşçıoğlu on fighting period poverty and menstrual stigma in Turkey
  • Racha Haffar on global inequalities and injustices of human trafficking and modern slavery
  • Shantel Marekera on widespread intimate partner violence in Zimbabwe
  • Sylvain Obedi on inclusion and decision-making for people with disabilities
  • Zahra Al Hilaly on migrants and refugees’ experiences and equitable representation

The Generation Equality Forum is convened by UN Women and co-hosted by the governments of Mexico and France, in partnership with youth and civil society, to advance gender equality, fuel a multi-sector movement to ensure action and accountability, and ensure that gender is at the center of the post-COVID-19 agenda. This special digital edition of the CHIME Zine is part of Gucci’s commitment to financial, policy, programmatic and advocacy actions in support of the Feminist Movements and Leadership Action Coalition. Learn more about Gucci’s participation in the Forum and role as the private sector lead on the Feminist Movements and Leadership Action Coalition here.

View and explore the special digital CHIME Zine here on Gucci Equilibrium:

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