The RealReal x Gucci Promotes Circularity Fashion

The RealReal and Gucci team up to promote circularity for luxury fashion in an online shop featuring a curated selection of pre-loved Gucci pieces designed by Alessandro Michele until the end of 2020. The inherent longevity of luxury products supports a circular economy and, by joining forces with The RealReal, Gucci is promoting this avenue to extend the life of its products even further.

Shining a spotlight on the sustainability benefits of recirculating fashion, the partnership compliments Gucci’s vision for circularity. The resale market extends the life cycle of already produced and purchased items, so they avoid being landfilled, while resources initially used to create the product—like water, and raw materials—are not wasted, reducing the impact on the environment.

For every person purchasing Gucci globally or consigning Gucci in the U.S. in the shop-in-shop, platform or store, the companies will plant a tree through non-profit One Tree Planted.

A series of images to celebrate The RealReal x Gucci features eco-enthusiasts shown swinging from a tree as a nod to circularity. Wearing Gucci pieces from the store—designed by former Creative Director Alessandro Michele—they spoke to Gucci Equilibrium about what circular fashion means to them.

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Zippora Seven

What does circular fashion mean to you when you open your wardrobe?

“To me circular fashion is continuing a story. Opening my wardrobe feels like opening this collective diary of women from around the world. There is a story behind every piece. When putting on a dress there is this woman’s life that I respect and honor. I get confidence from and pride from knowing a piece of her story.”


How would you style the Gucci look you wore for the shoot in real life?

“In real life, I am drawn to patterns, layers and lots of color. So to be quite honest, I’d mix up exactly the same. But for fall in the city, I’d wear a pair of tights and loafers—maybe the Bordeaux leather pair with an interlocking G. I love how the blazer could also be worn with simple jeans and the same accessories, or the skirt minus the blazer and so on. The necklace here, brings a layer of over the top—vintage— almost. Which also feels like me in play life and me in real life.”

Luca Fersko

What’s your dream Gucci circular piece?

“I have this Gucci duffle bag that was generously gifted to me a while back, I wrote my name on it and I would like to put it back out there so the next owner could write their name on it too.”

Quil Lemons

How would you talk a friend into embracing the idea of circular fashion?

“I would hit them with the hard facts that fast fashion is polluting the earth. I think we have to take accountability and understand we all play a part in taking care of this planet. If we can all take small steps by reducing our personal waste production then we could see a drastic difference in the speed in which landfills are filled.”

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