Sustainable transportation

Reducing transport related emissions from employees with eco-friendly options

How we travel at Gucci plays a significant role in our employee’s carbon footprint in their day-to-day lives. To reduce these impacts, and the associated air pollution too, we have been strategically operationalizing eco friendly mobility programs ever since 2010. Swopping out traditional petrol and diesel-powered cars for electric or hybrid vehicles in our car fleet has significantly reduced the average CO2 emissions of the fleet. To support this move to e-mobility, all our parking lots are equipped with electric car charging stations and more than 56% of Gucci’s car fleet is electric or hybrid in 2022.

While we have been steadily increasing the number of electric and hybrid vehicles at Gucci, we have also championed other ways to reduce our employee’s footprint related to travel. Starting from cutting back on business travel wherever and whenever possible and encouraging meetings via videoconferencing instead, we are incentivizing the use of available public transportation for our colleagues too.

To ramp up our Italian employee travel programs we launched a carpooling service in 2019 to reduce the environmental impacts associated with their daily commute to and from work, and to optimize the time and costs of their journey. Thanks to an innovative App, our colleagues have the opportunity to meet up to share their car trips to the office.

Employee sustainable transportation in numbers:
56% electric or hybrid cars in fleet in 2022
100% parking lots with electric charging stations
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