Gucci Scrap-less

Reducing the impacts from leather production

Gucci is innovating creative approaches and solutions that optimize efficiencies during the production and manufacturing of our collections. As a perfect example, we launched Gucci Scrap-less in 2018 as a programme to significantly reduce the footprint of our leather manufacturing, as compared to traditional methods. By simply cutting the leather hide to size before tanning, we are able to process only what we need for production, while reducing the amount of energy, water and chemicals required to treat the material. On the logistics side, this also reduces transport related greenhouse gas emissions from tanneries to factories.

We are continuing to extend the Gucci Scrap-less programme for our leather production with 10 tanneries participating in the programme in 2023. In the same year, around 3.8 million litres of water consumption were avoided.

312 MwH of energy saved, totalling 2.901 MwH since 2018
35 million litres of water avoided (2018–2023)
315 tons of waste production (leather scraps) avoided (2018-2023)
28.4 tons of CO2 avoided (2018-2023)
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