Round 2 of Gucci Gaming Academy

The initiative launched with FACEIT, announces its second class of young esports talents.

In 2022 under Gucci Good Game and with FACEIT, the House launched the Gucci Gaming Academy with the mission to empower young talents on their path to pro. As the inaugural class moves on, the Academy has selected a new group of mentees based on their on in-game performance, but also on an interview that assesses applicants’ personal values and soft skills, including their aptitude for teamwork and approach to conflict resolution. These international talents include Ahmet ‘2h’ Baftijari, Paulina Weronika ‘pavlla’ Bucholc, Simon ‘goody’ Chayka, Martins Niks ‘shadiy’ Gutmanis, Adelin-Cassian ‘adEX’ Nica, Daniel-Catalin ‘Ciocardau’ Purice, and Ieva ‘mikeri’ Skrastiņa Knēziņa. Coach Neil Murphy also joins as Head Coach.

In its second year, the initiative continues to empower the selected esports talents by cultivating their skills and amplifying their opportunities, with a particular focus on mental health messages provided by the World Health Organization.

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