Gucci stands with UNICEF supporting its global learning mission to ensure every child’s right to education

Continuing its enduring commitment to UNICEF and its steadfast mission to foster positive societal impact, Gucci will make a donation on behalf of Creative Director Sabato de Sarno and its employees to support UNICEF’s global education programs.

The global disruption to education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is without parallel and its consequences on learning and access to education are still impacting children today. The consequent crisis brought education systems across the world to a halt and intensified an existing learning crisis affecting millions of boys and girls.

Continuing its enduring commitment to UNICEF* and a steadfast mission to fostering positive societal impact, Gucci proudly announces today, on behalf of Creative Director Sabato de Sarno and its employees, a donation to UNICEF’s Education Thematic Fund. Through this contribution, the House aims to support UNICEF’s education programmes to ensure that every child has the fundamental right to quality education, with a particular focus on the world’s most vulnerable communities.

As of now, UNICEF’s education programmes have achieved significant milestones in promoting inclusive education. Notably, 37.9 million out-of-school children, including 251,565 children with disabilities, have gained access to education. In addition, through the widespread distribution of learning materials, UNICEF has reached 28.3 million children, contributing to a more inclusive and accessible educational environment. In 2022 alone, UNICEF’s impactful outreach extended to engage 16.1 million adolescents across 89 countries. This effort encompassed an impressive 345,000 adolescents in humanitarian settings.1

Building on its preceding partnership and long-lasting commitment with UNICEF, Gucci has contributed to UNICEF’s work through various activities over the years since 2005, including the support of initiatives like “Schools for Africa”. The aim of the programme being the expansion of access to quality education for girls, orphaned children, and those living in extreme poverty. Gucci is also a founding member of UNICEF’s Girls’ Empowerment Initiative, which focuses on innovative solutions to advance measurable progress in girls’ rights and well-being across thematic programme areas such as health, education, social protection, water, and sanitation.

1 Global Annual Results Report 2022. Every child, including adolescents, learns and acquires skills for the future.

*UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service.

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