Presenting GG Legends

The Gucci Gaming Academy, launched with FACEIT, debuts its mini docuseries following how the biggest successes in the world of gaming and esports overcame adversity to achieve greatness.

With the mission to empower young esports players by creating a healthier competition environment, the House launched the Gucci Gaming Academy together with FACEIT and in collaboration with the World Health Organization. As the first program created by a luxury fashion brand assisting talents to go pro, the academy provides individual coaching, mental health support, world-class hardware, and much more to its selected participants.

To extend its impact, the Gucci Gaming Academy has created a mini docuseries called ‘GG Legends’ that follows the lives of the biggest successes and role models in the world of gaming, delving into their stories of overcoming adversity to achieve greatness. The premiere episode of GG legends follows how Jorien ‘Sheever’ van der Heijden went from a young gamer in the Netherlands to one of the most respected esports broadcasters on the international scene. A pioneer for women, she shares how she defines her journey on her own terms rather than letting a breast cancer diagnosis determine her identity.

The next episodes of GG Legends will feature CS:GO player, Mathieu “Zywoo” Herbaut, who is the youngest player to ever receive an invite to the FACEIT Pro League at 16, as well as the Minnesota Lynx basketball star and Team Liquid Brand Ambassador, Aerial Powers, whose goal is to create space for women and people of color. While each story is unique, connecting them all is a passion for gaming and a strong determination in the face of struggle.

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