and conserving nature

We invest in nature for the future; conserving biodiversity, reversing damage and creating far better conditions for our natural world to thrive. A pursuit of scaling regenerative materials in our collections becomes a co-creation to generate value for climate and biodiversity while contributing to farmers’ livelihoods and reviving local supply chains. Wider efforts to safeguard important ecosystems follow the mitigation and conservation hierarchies to unlock our nature-positive trajectory even further.


In recognition of our dedication to champion regenerative agriculture, Gucci’s CEO and Chairman, Marco Bizzarri, was presented with The Climate Change Award at the 2022 CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards ceremony.

Through our partnership with the Il Nido di Seta farm located in the hillside village of San Floro in the Calabria region of southern Italy, the traditional mulberry tree planting and cultivation needed for the rearing of silkworms has been restored. Recalling San Floro’s glory days in the 17th century when the region was famous for producing a significant amount of raw silk, and completely lost in modern times, the new silk supply chain is championing sustainable techniques – from planting mulberry trees in abandoned landscapes and improving these rural areas through organic farming, to developing new technologies for manufacturing, and upskilling farmers and artisans in their silk craft. In turn, we’ll be able to source silk from the farm for our future collections.