Gucci’s Sustainable Packaging

In 2020, Gucci introduced its new packaging in a shade of green—chosen by Creative Director Alessandro Michele and created with a selection of materials with a specific focus on sustainability.

The  creation of this packaging is part of a re-evaluation and reimagination of how the House can be more sustainable  in all its activities. Gucci’s packaging honors the unboxing ritual while also honoring our planet.

In store packaging

Featuring an ornate green decorative pattern embossed onto shopping bags and boxes, all paper and cardboard come from responsibly managed sources. In order to facilitate recycling at the end of its life, the paper is paste-dyed at the beginning of the production process and is not coated with plastic. On top of this, the black torchon shopping bag handles are  made of 100% recycled polyester and are knotted to avoid the use of glues and for an easier separation of components.  Dust bags and suit carriers, in neutral colour, are made of regenerated cotton with details in recycled polyester, finished with the black Gucci logo. Ribbons are 100% organic cotton and hangers are made of recycled polystyrene.

E-commerce packaging

In addition to the specificities that concern retail packaging, for Gucci’s products in the e-commerce channel, Gucci has also introduced specific innovations related to freight packaging:

  • The reusable cotton Tote bag;
  • Protection fillers and scotch in paper from responsibly managed sources;
  • The reversible outerbox, reusable for returns in case of need, made with paper from responsibly managed sources;
  • Adaptable packaging, designed to fit at best the product it contains in order to optimize transport, reducing the number of vehicles needed and consequently our carbon footprint.
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