Gucci Supports Reproductive Health & Rights

Gucci stands to protect the health and well-being of its employees in the U.S., including the right to access reproductive health care.

When Gucci founded CHIME FOR CHANGE in 2013, the House committed to the global fight to advance gender equality. Nearly ten years later, Gucci has not stopped fighting for this mission, despite new challenges that have emerged every step of the way.

At this critical moment for reproductive rights in the United States the fight for gender equality has never been more urgent. Gucci remains steadfast in its belief in freedom of expression, freedom of identity, and freedom of choice. Defending these principles means upholding the belief that access to reproductive health care is a fundamental human right.

Since 2013, through its CHIME FOR CHANGE campaign, Gucci is proud to have directly supported projects focused on sexual, reproductive, and maternal health in more than 30 countries around the world with leading global partners, including International Planned Parenthood Federation, Global Fund for Women, Ms. Foundation for Women, mothers2mothers, Donne in Rete Contro la Violenza (D.i.Re), UNICEF, and UNFPA, among others.

These projects have included providing reproductive health workshops for women, trainings for physicians to support IUD use, ultrasounds during pregnancy, family planning resources for rural women, and interventions to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission, as well as campaigns calling for increased funding and policies to expand reproductive health care and rights for all. Through CHIME FOR CHANGE, Gucci continues to support global nonprofit partners that enable access to reproductive health and protect human rights, especially for the most vulnerable.

As part of this ongoing commitment, Gucci will now provide travel reimbursement to any Gucci U.S. employee who needs access to health care not available in their home state. Gucci is committed to ensuring its employees in the U.S. have the support, protection, and resources needed in the wake of future action that may restrict access to critical health care.

The company will also match Gucci America employee donations to Planned Parenthood, following previous donations since 2013 through CHIME FOR CHANGE to International Planned Parenthood Federation projects that provide information, resources, and services for sexual and reproductive health and rights for girls and women in the Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Haiti, Japan, Peru, Singapore, and Spain.

At the heart of these efforts is Gucci’s commitment to inclusion, which means creating a sense of belonging and ensuring each individual is valued, treated equitably and free to be exactly who they are.

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