Gucci Off The Grid Debuts in The Sims 4 Player Community

In the spirit of Gucci’s vision to support young creatives and our commitment to generate positive change for people and planet, the House announces a player-made gaming collaboration focused on sustainability with custom content created for the community of The Sims 4. Showcasing the work of two custom content creators who are also part of the Sims community, Gucci also reveals the first digital-recreation of a sustainable fashion line—Gucci Off The Grid.

Both talents explored ways to bring to life Gucci Off the Grid for the virtual world. Known by his handle Grimcookies, the popular custom content creator recreated pieces from the Gucci Off The Grid collection, available for players who have downloaded these Mods in The Sims 4. True to their original designs, hats and shoes will be available for The Sims characters to wear, while the backpacks and other accessories can be used as decorations for players to fill their builds with. Grimcookies also digitalized the Gucci Off The Grid campaign, featuring the testimonials including Jane Fonda.

In real life the Gucci Off The Grid collection is sustainably made with regenerated, recycled, organic and sustainably sourced materials, and in- game when players use the Gucci Off The Grid pieces they obtain a green eco-footprint and an environment score of 10. Upon entering rooms with Gucci Off the Grid items, Sim characters’ moods will go up.

Grimcookies talks users through how he custom built the Gucci Off The Grid items in a specially made Youtube video tutorial.

See Grimcookies tutorial

Another video is filmed by popular YouTube personality and custom content creator Harrie, also part of The Sims community. The video shows her speed building a digital counterpart of the treehouse from the Gucci Off The Grid campaign. Harrie recreates the tree house from its base to its roof, and finishes it with sustainability elements, including upcycled wood, wind turbines, green-roofing, recycled furniture, and imagines the natural landscaping surrounding it, to raise awareness of the importance of including environmental decisions in everything we do. Gucci Off The Grid items can also be seen decorating the treehouse.

Disclaimer: Contents shown are The Sims 4 Mods created by players. Maxis doesn’t pre-screen, endorse or specifically support Mods. Players should use Mods with caution and understand there may be risk.

See Harrie’s treehouse speedbuild

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