Gucci Changemakers North America Impact Fund Transcription


The Gucci Changemakers Impact Fund short film by Satchel Lee with creative direction by Drøme and narration by Cleo Wade is a call to action for Gucci’s commitment to creating lasting social impact in diverse communities and within the fashion industry. The Changemakers interviewed in the film share what change means to them, how they build community, and how creative, diverse perspectives and voices can accelerate change. Join Gucci Changemakers at


Voiceover: “We are bringing the Gucci Changemakers initiative to life by bringing it into the real lives of real people. Changemaking does not belong to one group of people, it belongs to all of us. How will you become a Changemaker?”

Changemaker 1: “Ever since I was young, I was never ashamed of the color of my skin or how I looked. Just me and my presence makes me a Changemaker.”

Changemaker 2: “Change is inevitable, but conscious change is choice.”

Changemaker 3: “Change to me means moving forward in a way that benefits everybody.”

Changemaker 4: “The opportunity to create a better future.”

Changemaker 5: “Change means standing outside of the norm.”

Changemaker 6: “Recognizing that the world is larger than myself.”

Changemaker 7: “The best way that I’m a Changemaker in my community is by being more intentional in my daily interactions with the world around me.”

Voiceover: “We are nothing without community. We need each other. It is our duty to look out for one another.”

Changemaker 8: “I’m a Changemaker by running a nonprofit empowering LGBTQ youth.”

Changemaker 9: “As an immigrant in America right now, it’s like my duty to change the narrative that surrounds immigrants and people of color in this country.” 

Changemaker 10: “I’m inspired by my ancestors. I’m inspired by all the opportunities that exist for our future.”

Voiceover: “When we start to think about how to solve the problems of the world, we need diverse voices at the table.”

Changemaker 11: “The people who doubt me, it just literally adds fuel to my fire.”

Changemaker 8: “Being weird is fine. It’s kind of cool actually.”

Voiceover: “When we apply our creativity to problems around us, we can make the impossible possible.”

Changemaker 12: “Fashion to me is a way to explore my heritage and my culture.”

Changemaker 13: “It’s a path that’s not really open to people of my background, so I’m going to break that barrier.”

Changemaker 14: “Fashion is where I’ve been and where I’m going.”

Changemaker 15: “It’s a way to voice myself without even speaking.”

Voiceover: “Arts and culture are what make life worth living. That is the magic of our existence.”

Changemaker 16: “Fashion means fun and trying new things.”

Changemaker 17: “A language that everyone can understand.”

Changemaker 18: “I think it’s a way of also building community.”

Changemaker 19: “Fashion means armor, being able to express yourself in a way that society doesn’t allow you to do with your words.”

Changemaker 20: “Allowing yourself to be you.”

Changemakers: “I am a Changemaker”

Voiceover: “Join us. Become a Gucci Changemaker.”




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