We are committed to raise awareness on the issue of domestic violence

Domestic abuse, particularly violence against women, is a widespread issue that transcends class, race, culture and nationalities. Here at Gucci, we have taken stringent action to combat domestic violence and we strongly believe that raising awareness is key to putting an end to the difficult situations many women face globally.

We works alongside the National Association D.i.Re (Italian National Women’s Network against Violence) and the Kering Foundation to organize training workshops in our offices in order to inform and raise awareness of the issues surrounding this topic.
So far, we have trained over 200 Gucci ambassadors in Italy to support the fight against domestic violence.

Gucci is committed to providing a safe and supportive work environment for all its employees. It will continue this work to ensure all employees receive this training so we may grow our network of Ambassadors. Driven by our Culture of Purpose, we are motivated to raise awareness of these important issues both to our employees and to the public in general.

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