Demetra: A Luxury innovative Material

Combining quality, softness, durability and scalability, the groundbreaking Demetra is the result of Gucci’s desire to explore and innovate materials for the future.

In June 2021, after two years of in-House research and development, Gucci presented Demetra—a groundbreaking material that combines quality, softness and durability with reconsidered raw materials that are primarily from renewable and bio-based sources. Demetra contains up to 77% plant-based raw materials and encapsulates the House’s luxurious aesthetic while offering an alternative animal-free solution.

Created from the House’s desire to explore and innovate materials for the future, Demetra is produced entirely in a Gucci factory in Italy using the same expertise and processes for tanning that give the material its pliable and resilient performance with a supple finish.

After the initial debut showcasing Demetra used in a selection of sneaker styles, the offering has expanded over the last years. Gucci’s newest Demetra offering is the Gucci Horsebit 1955, with 75% plant-based raw materials. As the first bag made from Demetra, it is a testament to the material’s ability to meet the House’s high standards of craftsmanship that is expected for the iconic bag.

Discover more about the new Horsebit 1955 with Demetra here

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