CHIME Through the Years: North America

Featuring the stories of women and girls across North America fighting for positive social change

As part of CHIME FOR CHANGE’s “Through the Years: The Female Fabric” journalism series, the following 16 written and multimedia pieces from women and girls across the United States were highlighted as stories of resilience, unity and change in the face of inequalities, including racial inequality, gender pay gap, societal beauty standards, violence against women, and more.

The above multimedia pieces are part of CHIME’s culminating journalism series, Through the Years: The Female Fabric, curated by Emeritus Managing Editor of the CHIME FOR CHANGE Journalism Platform Mariane Pearl to celebrate the collection of voices gathered by CHIME from around the world. The series featured 100 stories from CHIME’s collection of powerful, first-person narratives from women since 2013, sourced and edited by Mariane, highlighting the critical need to share women’s first-hand experiences, challenges and triumphs, especially during this unprecedented time when progress towards gender equality is at risk.

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