Continuing to amplify the voices of activists and artists fighting for gender equality worldwide

Building on its work to amplify the voices of activists and artists around the world who are fighting for gender equality, CHIME FOR CHANGE released the latest issue of its CHIME Zine, edited by Adam Eli and art directed by visual artist MP5. The zine features contributions from 16 artists, activists and writers around the world, with powerful stories and calls to action on a variety of topics related to gender equality, including women and girls with disabilities, intersectional feminism, trans dating, refugees, female genital mutilation (FGM) and child marriage.

“We asked our contributors to explain what they do, and most importantly how you can join them. Because they can’t do it alone.”

Adam Eli, CHIME Zine Editor

This issue of the CHIME Zine includes a special section focused on Japan, with essays, interviews and artwork related to feminism, gender and self-expression in Japanese society. Contributors include Yuki Chizui, a sushi chef and owner of a sushi restaurant with an all-female staff, Yume Morimoto, a queer feminist writer and founder of an English-Japanese bilingual zine, and members of WAIFU, a resistance nightlife party founded on the principles of intersectional feminism and inclusion. The cover of the Japan spotlight features women of Bluestocking, Japan’s first feminist literary journal credited with helping to launch the feminist movement in Japan.

“I use zines, with all their words, to navigate politics, understand my queerness, promote freedom, fight for radical change & connect with others.”

Yume Morimoto, B.G.U. Zine Editor

The zine will be distributed at the Gucci Garden in Florence, the Gucci Wooster Bookstore in New York and select bookstores worldwide, and available in English and Japanese where applicable.

View and explore the interactive version of the latest issue at or download the PDF version here.

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