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“Be Kind” is a film documenting Nino, a twelve-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome, as he shares his experience and learns about other people who are “different” by listening to their stories with deep kindness. The “Be Kind” trailer introduces Nino and the diverse individuals he interviews, championing inclusivity, unity, compassion and understanding across generations and identities.


Nino: “Lights, camera, action. Let’s shoot the film. It will be very beautiful, fun of adventure, full of travel. A documentary where we can tell what these people have that makes them special. A story about their history.”

Sarah:” I used to wear the Muslim veil until two years ago, and suddenly I decided to take it off.”

Nino: “So Giulia, how did you spend your life?”

Giulia: “Badly.”

Fabiola: “A fraction of a second and my blood stopped in my body to take a break.”

Giulia: “They say I’m different but I’m not different, I’m the same as others.”

Nino: “I have Asperger’s syndrome, in fact I’m different from everyone because I have a lot of creativity.”

Dr. Caterina D’Ardia: “This disorder has taught us so much about what is the development of the human being.”

Gianluca: “Is it possible that we really know everything about the possibilities of the mind?”  

Nino: “I went inside and saw this room where you gave me a test.”

Fabiola: ” We help each other, who has one disability helps who has another disability, we help each other, we talk about it, without shame.”

Nino: “When you have a child will you call yourselves mother on and mother two?” 

Giulia B: “Can I be mother one?”

Nino: “Yes”

Jonis: “When I was a child, a boy, i was the only dark person in the school, in the barrack.”

Nino, reading to a class from a book: “You have disappointed me Alex, I will find someone generous who is not like you! End of the chapter.”

Graphic: #LetsBeKind

Nino: “Diversity is like an elephant with the short trunk: it is a rarity.”

Graphic: This journey can continue thanks to the support of kind people.

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