Insert leather traceability
97% of leather traced up to the country of slaughterhouse 80% of leather traced up to the country of farming
IT system development for leather traceability under development

Animal Based Materials

Sustainable Cashmere

Gucci is aiming to increase the quantity of Re.Verso™ in its products. In the meantime, we have sourced the highest quality cashmere from a Mongolian supplier.

The principles that underpin the Kering Standard for cashmere include:

– Maximising ecological sustainability: supporting cashmere production that does not degrade natural ecosystems but rather restores and protects soil, plants and wildlife

– Ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare

– Ensuring social and cultural benefits and supporting local livelihoods


We have evaluated the use of organic silk for all our accessories.
Beginning autumn/winter 2018, all Gucci scarves will be manufactured using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified silk. GOTS is a world-leading independent standard for certified organic material.

With this certification in place, we can be sure that no pesticides, insecticides or hazardous chemicals have been used, from the production of the silk fibre to the finished cloth.
Gucci is currently assessing the use of natural dyes in the production of silk accessories. So watch this space!

Plant/Cellulose-Based Fibres

Synthetic Fibres



Our programme to use recycled metals in accessories is well under way. Any time that we can offset the extraction of virgin materials from mines, is a win for the planet.
This can take us to some unexpected areas. Last year we introduced recycled palladium from catalytic converters used in healthcare. In a new lease of life, they found their way into our accessories.

Currently, 22% of palladium coating used for our metal accessories is recycled.
Our commitment is to maximize the use of recycled metals in all our products by 2025.

Responsible gold purchasing data
Gold Kg
% on
Jewellery Metal components
coating Watches Total
265 130

265 575

2 842
100% 23%

0% 47%

Responsible Gold

Precious Stones

Gucci has been a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) since 2011. We continue to work hard alongside industry partners to enhance oversight of our precious stone supply chain.
We are also working alongside the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) to enhance the traceability of our diamond supply chain.

The key principles underpinning the Kering Standards for diamonds include:

– Complying with all applicable laws, conventions and regulations

– Ensuring that all diamonds purchased by the brands come from legal sources certified by the Kimberley Process, a programme whose mission is to prevent so called ‘conflict’ or ‘blood’ diamonds from entering the market