When We All Vote partners with Gucci Changemakers

Voting is a fundamental right that’s a vehicle for voicing self-expression

In the 2016 US elections, only 43% of eligible voters actually made it to the polls. That’s why Gucci Changemakers North America has partnered with When We All Vote (WWAV), a non-partisan, non-profit initiative launched by Michelle Obama, the organization is committed to closing the race and age voting gap and empowering all eligible voters to cast their ballot.

Founded in 2018, WWAV uses grassroots strategies, partnerships and digital activations to embolden and energize potential voters, especially those exercising their right for the first time.

Gucci’s commitment will further the efforts of the ‘Vote Loud’ campaign to reach young voters, ensuring they have all the information and tools necessary to carry out their civic duty. As the main partner, Gucci is committed to doing our part to ensure that every voice is heard.

As part of the partnership, Gucci and When We All Vote will create a branded voting registration portal that will be used both internally and externally to increase voter registration leading up to key state voter registration deadlines starting in the beginning of October.

The luxury brand has also created its own in-house Voting Squad of employees who will act as ambassadors and advocates to help encourage the Gucci US employees and their own local communities to cast their ballots.

Emphasizing the importance of the Gucci community and the importance of engaging the next generation, Gucci Changemakers North America has commissioned 2019 Changemakers scholarship recipients Celeste Haselrig, Gideon Gomm, and Kaya Ugorji to design illustrations that will convey a sense of hope and optimism, amid these trying times.

When we all vote, we are Changemakers who can make a difference in our communities and our country.

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