Refugees Inclusion

Understanding, integrating and working alongside refugees is important to encourage not only diversity but also a harmonious and collaborative world at work and beyond. A world in Equilibrium.

As part of its inclusive approach and its commitment to diversity, Gucci is playing an active role to promote refugee inclusion.

In 2019 on the occasion of World Refugee Day, Gucci announced its collaboration with the Tent Partnership for Refugees, which mobilises the private sector to improve the lives and livelihoods of more than 25 million men, women and children forcibly displaced from their home countries.

In March 2019, Gucci was honoured with the “Welcome. Working for Refugee Integration” award by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). This recognises companies that distinguished themselves in both the collaboration with, and promotion of, refugee integration and employability in Italy.

Gucci was awarded this accolade after launching a pilot educational project in 2018. This aimed to offer work and vocational training to a group of beneficiaries with international protection status, and was run in collaboration with UNHCR and the Fondazione Adecco per le Pari Opportunità (Adecco Foundation for Equal Opportunities).

Building on the already implemented project, in 2019 we continued our work with the Adecco Foundation through a process of inclusion of refugees in our corporate sites, factories and stores in Italy, by way of a programme called #forRefugees.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the Tent Partnership for Refugees, we are working with the NGOs Breaking Barriers in the UK and Jobs 4 Refugees in Germany.

Meanwhile, Gucci has launched a series of initiatives to promote the concept of an inclusive society to its employees and raise awareness among them of the desirability of this model:

  • Gucci’s Living Library initiative, enabling people to meet and listen to each other; this promotes intercultural dialogue in collaboration with the ABCittà association. Gucci employees were able to have one-to-one conversations with refugees and listened to their stories.
  • The on-going Artolution partnership, which helps bring public arts programming to refugee and vulnerable communities around the world, aiming to foster empowerment and social justice through self-expression and gender equality.
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