Gucci Changemakers Volunteering Transcription


Gucci employees around the world share their experiences with Gucci Changemakers, a global program for all Gucci employees worldwide to dedicate up to 4 paid leave days a year to volunteer, with a special focus on the issues of Equality, Refugees and Homeless Communities, Education and the Environment. Through Gucci Changemakers, Gucci employees are engaging directly with these causes, connecting with their local community, and helping to create positive change. Hear directly from Gucci employees as they share how Gucci Changemakers has empowered them to pursue causes that they care about, encourage inclusivity, and give back to the community.


Gucci Changemakers
A global program aimed to empower Gucci employees to act as agents of change and make a positive impact on local communities

Gucci Employee 1: “Gucci Changemakers to me means change, awareness and growth.”

Gucci Employee 2: “When the Gucci Changemakers program was launched, I was really excited and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do a shoreline cleanup, which is something that I have always wanted to do.”

Gucci Employee 3: “Ciao! Changemakers has been an opportunity to donate just a small amount of time but to get a lot back.”

Gucci Employee 4: “And allows people to express themselves and drive the company’s message of inclusivity.”

Gucci Changemakers allows all Gucci employees worldwide to dedicate up to 4 paid leave days a year to volunteer, with a special focus on 4 pillars:

Equality, Refugees and Homeless Communities, Education and the Environment

Gucci Employee 5: “It really gives you the sense of joy when you give back to the community.”

Gucci Employee 6: “I realized that in the end, I was the one who was gaining the most out of all of that.”

Gucci Employee 7: “My journey has only begun through this Changemakers program, but I will continue to enlighten myself, to be more involved and to take care of those marginalized populations.”

Gucci Employee 8: “I just want to encourage all of you to find a cause that you are passionate about, be an ambassador for that cause, live it, bring it to work, take it home, tell your friends and your family about it! Really find a cause that you can get behind and advocate for.”

Gucci Employee 9: “I realized that no matter how small or big our actions are, as long as we work together we can make a big difference.”

Gucci Employee 10: “Everyone can be the hero of the community. Gucci Changemakers helps us to create a habit to involve more in community issues.”

Gucci Employees: “I am a Changemaker. Let’s go Changemakers. So be a Changemaker.”

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