Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund

Gucci supports documentaries that are driven by thoughtful and in-depth storytelling, and that challenge the status quo

The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund (GTDF) seeks out feature-length documentaries that are in production or post-production. Films are selected for support on the criteria that they highlight the most critical, important stories impacting our world today, and tell them in a humanising, illuminating way. The fund looks for films which challenge the status quo, not just in terms of subject matter, but also in terms of form.

Midwives, directed by Hnin Ei Hlaing

The GTDF supports projects that: highlight diversity, gender equality and active citizenship; celebrate acts of courage, compassion and strength that are driving social and environmental change; and honour and salute women and diverse leaders who are working to improve their communities, their futures, and the world.

In addition to funding, grantees receive year-round support from the Tribeca Film Institute (TFI), including one-on-one guidance and consultation to help each film reach completion, enter the marketplace and find the broadest possible audience.

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The GTDF in numbers:
12 years
94 films supported
More than 1.5 million USD in grants
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