Gucci draws up its first gender report

Gucci strengthens its commitment to creating positive change for people and the planet

Gucci takes another step toward positive change for people and the planet. Drawing on the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion, Gucci has announced that it will draft a gender report, an innovative tool for reaching full gender equality. Antonella Centra, Executive Vice President General Counsel, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability for Gucci, made the announcement on stage at the Eredità delle Donne Festival in Florence – a festival curated by Serena Dandini based on a project developed by Elastica and the Fondazione CR Firenze and with which Gucci has been partnering for the fourth consecutive year.

‘The pandemic has further highlighted existing inequalities. We believe it’s more important than ever to work together to achieve our goals’, said Antonella Centra.

We are preparing to perform an in-depth analysis of our workforce in Italy and draw up a gender report. As with the fight against climate change, we recognize that it is critical to take action, but we also need better understanding of the current scenario in order to make true lasting change.’

A gender report is an innovative tool used largely in the private sector. It was designed to assist companies in adopting policies geared toward closing the gender gap and to incentivize them to do so. Part of the Italian national certification system, it is a core piece of the work and inclusion strategy promoted by the Minister for Family and Equal Opportunities.

‘When it comes to rights, competition doesn’t matter. Indeed, greater compliance helps everyone across the board’, said Centra. ‘We’re hopeful that with Minister Bonetti’s support, gender equality certification will become common practice.’

This announcement by Gucci is just the latest sign of the company’s commitment to promoting diversity and gender equality. Gucci recently signed the Women’s Forum CEO Champions Commitments at the Women’s Forum G20 Italy (Milan, October 18–19), a document designed to accelerate progress toward the Zero Gender Gap. The House joined other CEO Champions at the Forum in directly supporting female empowerment with an eye to a future ‘She-Covery’.

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