Gucci Design Fellowship Program

A collaboration resulting in a learning experience for young designers coming from 10 fashion schools from all over the world

As part of our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, in 2019 we launched the Gucci Design Fellowship Program. A partnership with 10 fashion schools around the world, this multi-cultural initiative aims to provide opportunities for underrepresented groups to gain professional experience and exposure to luxury fashion design.

With the aim to promote cultural exchange between designers coming from different backgrounds, we launched a challenge within the schools resulting in the selection of five students from every school, each specialising in different product categories, to make up a group of 50 finalists.

These were invited to Italy for a week of discovery in Rome and Florence in order for them to get to know Gucci and have the opportunity to meet our design team before the selection of 11 winners.

The 11 winners will have the opportunity to join Gucci for a 12-month learning experience that aims to amplify their opportunities and to further enrich their skills, while also offering the possibility of gaining exposure to the luxury fashion industry. We understand, too, that the learning will work both ways – our designers will benefit from the global, fresh perspectives brought by the students.

Gucci Design Fellowship Program in numbers:
50 finalists from 10 fashion schools from around the world
A day of working sessions with the Gucci Design Office in Rome to enable selection of the winners
An awards ceremony held in Rome
11 winners selected
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