Gucci Advances Disability Inclusion and Expands Accessibility Services

Gucci has been recognized as a “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion” by the Disability Equality Index®

Over the past years, Gucci has made significant progress and investments in the areas of accessibility and Disability inclusion at every level – from the corporate headquarters to the customer experience in stores.

Now, Gucci North America has been recognized for the second consecutive year as a “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion” by the Disability Equality Index®. To extend its efforts through technology and innovation, Gucci is also expanding its partnership with Aira, a visual interpreting service that leverages smartphones to provide real-time access to visual information for Blind and low-vision customers. Together, these initiatives reflect the House’s enduring commitment to creating a more inclusive and accessible environment for both employees and customers.

Gucci’s Commitment to Disability Inclusion

Gucci has made significant efforts to foster greater accessibility and Disability inclusion within its workplace and customer experience. By promoting systems change, the brand aims to create greater opportunities for Disabled people. The company is proud to receive recognition from the Disability Equality Index®, a benchmarking tool developed by the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and Disability:IN, which aims to advance Disability inclusion. Gucci achieved the highest possible score of 100, solidifying its position as an industry leader in accessibility and Disability inclusion.

Four Gucci employees smile at the Disability:In Awards holding the “Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion” award

Expanding Partnership with Aira

To further enhance accessibility in its stores, Gucci has partnered with Aira, a visual interpreting service that provides Blind and low-vision customers with access to visual interpreters remotely by connecting their smartphones to the Aira app. Following a successful initial launch in Miami Bal Harbour and Beverly Hills stores, Gucci will expand the Aira service to an additional 22 Gucci locations in North American cities such as New York, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Houston, Toronto, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Atlanta.

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Driving Accessibility Progress

Gucci’s ambition to accelerate accessibility and Disability inclusion encompasses all aspects of the employee and client experience. The brand’s Global Equity Board, led by President and CEO Marco Bizzarri, works alongside key figures such as Sinéad Burke, CEO and Founder of accessibility consultancy Tilting the Lens; Bethann Hardison, Executive Advisor on Global Equity and Culture Engagement; and activist Muna AbuSulayman. Together, they set ambitious targets, measure progress, and ensure alignment with Kering’s wider diversity, equity, and inclusion mission. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee, composed of Gucci employees from different regions and functions, translates the Board’s ambitions into actionable policies and activities throughout the company.

By building a more inclusive workplace and customer experience, Gucci drives positive change and creates opportunities for Disabled people. Through its ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Gucci continues to promote accessibility standards within the fashion industry and beyond.

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