Gucci’s fur-free policy underlines a modern and ethical vision for luxury

Gucci made headlines in October 2017 when former President and Gucci CEO, Marco Bizzarri, announced that the House would no longer use animal fur in its collections. His statement influenced several brands to immediately follow his lead, shifting fashion away from the previously ubiquitous material found across luxury products.

Gucci pledged to go fur-free starting from its Spring/Summer 2018 collection and, accordingly, stopped using kangaroo fur inside its loafer line from the beginning 2017 and replaced it with lambswool. At the same time, we decided to stop using angora and since early 2018 we have not used any fur from animals whatsoever.

Our decision was supported by the Humane Society of the United States and by LAV. We also joined the Fur Free Alliance’s Fur Free Retailer Program, which is an international effort to give consumers accurate information about a retailer’s fur policy, allowing consumers to make an informed choice when shopping.

Graphic with black background and white bold text announcing that “We are going fur free starting from the SS 2018 collection”
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