A Vibe Called Tech for Gucci Equilibrium Celebrating Black History Month UK

Black History month is well underway in the United Kingdom, and for the occasion creative agency A Vibe Called Tech will take over Gucci Equilibrium’s Instagram account. The UK-based firm, founded by Ghanaian-native Charlene Prempeh and renowned for nurturing Black talent—have created images, video and illustrations for the takeover. The line-up highlights the contributions of African culture and key historic events that shaped Black History from the 1950s to the present day

Earlier this month, Gucci joined forces with A Vibe Called Tech and Manju Journal, a celebratory platform dedicated to elevating the work of African creatives. The project, curated by Manju Journal’s fashion director Kusi Kubi and creative director, Orlando Mensah, explored the Ghanaian concept of gender fluidity through a short film and a photography project which featured Gucci’s Jackie 1961 bag.  A nation where many of its dialects bear no distinction between the two sexes and where the body is regarded as a vehicle for self expression, emotion and feeling, Ghana and landmarks in and around its Independence Black Star Square, were chosen as the backdrop for a visual project entitled ‘We Are All They’. “There is so much talent in Ghana and people are willing to lend more and give more opportunities. We should have more of these things as they allow people to learn and to grow,” said Kubi, who styled the project and directed the film, outlining this gender fluid concept which serves as a narrative that exalts the country’s concept of “they” rather than a Western version of “he” or “she”.

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