Fur Free

In October 2017 Gucci made headlines when our President and CEO Marco Bizzarri announced that we would no longer use animal fur in our products. This prompted speculation. Why would a luxury brand of Gucci’s stature take such a dramatic decision?? The answer was simple: attitudes have changed towards fur and as a material it no longer reflects the values that we hold.

Most fur production comes from the fur farm model where we felt the risk of inappropriate treatment of animals persists. This is despite efforts to control compliance by implementing animal welfare principles and environmental impact strategies.

Gucci’s fur-free future, however, reflects exactly our values of Equilibrium. Beginning with the 2018 collections, Gucci stopped using fur from animals that are specifically killed for their fur.

It shows that after effort, where we still cannot find a defensible reason to use a material, we will drop it. When the impact is too great to make a material justifiable, it has no place in our collections.

Gucci stopped using Kangaroo fur in its loafer line, from early 2017. This was replaced with lambswool. At the end of 2017 Gucci also took the decision to stop using angora in its collections.
The Gucci aesthetic often features imagery of big cats. There was a natural attraction to enter into a partnership with Panthera, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of wild cats. Gucci supports the Tigers Forever Programme for the recovery of tigers in the wild.
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