Sustainable packaging

Gucci’s FSC-certified packaging promotes sustainable forest management

Gucci designs its packaging for efficiency and strives to source more sustainability. As part of the luxury goods experience, we are constantly working to better integrate more sustainable options into our packaging. This does not end when we package our products, we are applying the same philosophy in our office spaces, stores and factories too.

Gucci introduced a new type of product packaging exclusively made with FSC-certified materials in 2011 and, since 2017, all our paper and cardboard packaging has been FSC-certified. The Forest Stewardship Council certification represented by its FSC® logo is one of the best-recognized environmental symbols in the world. The logo enables consumers to identify, purchase and use wood, paper and other forestry products knowing that they are guaranteed to be produced from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials under its global forest certification system.

We are also working to reduce the amount of packaging we need to use when transporting our products. In 2019, we set a new target to eliminate single-use plastics in our packaging by 2030 through being a signatory to the Fashion Pact under our parent company Kering.

To drive our packaging ambitions we developed a number of solutions including:

    • Reshaping our boxes to optimize transport, which reduces the number of vehicles needed and lowers our carbon footprint related to transportation.
    • Reusing industrial packaging to minimize our plastics footprint in business-to-business packaging. For example, we launched the “Take Back” programme to reuse the plastic protective boxes for our accessories and thereby avoiding the production of new boxes.

Find out more about our commitment to reduce plastics here.

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