CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge

A climate strategy to protect biodiversity and forests around the world

The CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge underlines the need for companies to act urgently to tackle climate change and the loss of biodiversity. It’s a solution that responds to the scientific evidence that there are 10 years left to prevent irreversible damage resulting from the climate and biodiversity crisis.

In November 2019, our President and CEO Marco Bizzarri issued a letter to CEOs across sectors calling for a collective commitment to address GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions immediately, not over decades. He proposed that companies continue to focus on reducing emissions as a priority, but in view of the fact that technology and solutions are not yet available to address these emissions in total, advocated that companies should still take responsibility for all their emissions right now.

The CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge is a straightforward climate strategy with a set of guiding principles. To join the challenge, companies must adopt an annual approach to first avoid and reduce GHG emissions and then, as a final measure, offset the total remaining emissions within their operations and across their entire supply chain (Scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the GHG Protocol) through nature-based solutions, which will support the protection of biodiversity and forests around the world and help mitigate climate change. This approach is supported by stakeholders and climate experts.

CEOs from Cartier, Sanpellegrino, Lavazza Group, SAP, The RealReal and Levin Sources have joined the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge in solidarity since its launch. To become part of this leadership commitment, please contact us at:

“The science is telling us that long-term reduction targets are just not good enough and we must collectively act now to create a future where nature is restored and protected.”

Marco Bizzarri, Gucci President and CEO
Photo of Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri with SAP Co-CEO Jennifer Morgan, who joined the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge in support of corporate action to tackle climate change.
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