Assessing our Environmental Impact

Secondly, EP&L has changed the conversation. The EP&L shows that becoming a more sustainable business creates positive value for our people and our planet.

It shows that pursuing values actually creates financial value. This is great, not just for the planet but for society and business itself.

2017 vs 2016
PAPER: -63% paper consumption/employee
WATER: -33% water consumption/employee
ENERGY: -18% energy consumption/employee

Environmental Reporting

A decade ago, we began to measure and monitor the environmental performance of our offices, stores and warehouses across the world, on an annual basis.

Over ten years we have increased the scope of our monitoring and improved performance.

The Built Environment

Transport-related Emissions

At Gucci we pay particular attention to emissions. Co2 emissions are obviously of concern and we monitor these diligently so that we can set real targets for reduction. But we’re also concerned with the ultrafine particulates that cause local air pollution and impact our health.

We are steadily increasing the number of hybrid vehicles in our fleet – up from 19 in 2015 to 52 in 2017, and don’t worry, we will carry on switching!