Local Initiatives in Italy


This special project was supported by Gucci, which has always been active in raising awareness on issues such as diversity and inclusion.
BE KIND is a self-produced, almost family-made film, which arose from Sabrina Paravicini’s desire to give her son Nino a special gift. Over the months and over the course of its production, this gift eventually turned into an actual film.
«Diversity is like an elephant with a short trunk: it’s rare». These are the words of Nino, a twelve-year-old boy who, at the age of two and a half, was diagnosed with a severe, yet high-functioning form of childhood autism.
Today, Nino is the protagonist, the “heart” of a film that deals with not only those with whom he shares his “particularity”, but with all those who, in one way or another, are different. They are different because they are marginalized, because they belong to a minority, different because of their sexual orientation or because they belong to a different ethnic group, religion, culture than that of the country in which they live.
Diversity is a richness.
Nino becomes a sort of Virgil who leads the observer teaching that kindness is the only tool that allows to actually listen to others. The presence of writer Roberto Saviano, with whom Nino spoke about Epicurus’ theory of happiness, of the actor Fortunato Cerlino, who helps a young actor, with autism, to play a scene from Taxi Driver, and of the astronaut Samanta Cristoforetti, who tells Nino about the importance of being different, alternated with many other individuals and experiences, creates a beautiful story with a happy ending.
The film was screened in competition at the 64th edition of the Taormina Film Fest and at the Rome Film Festival, while the film will be distributed beginning of 2019.

The Legacy of Women

To mark the occasion of the European Heritage Days, the Italian city of Florence welcomes the first edition of “The Legacy of Women”, a three-day festival dedicated to women’s contribution to the progress of humanity. The festival involved a series of events providing both information and entertainment, featuring famous guests from both Italy and abroad. The Tuscan capital is the first Italian city to reinterpret its artistic identity, focusing on the female figures who have played such an important role in this field. Gucci is a proud sponsor of the event.



Gucci became the first luxury fashion brand to join Parks – Liberi e Uguali. This underscores our passionate commitment to inclusion and respect in our industry, and beyond to wider society. Parks, non-profit-making organisation is named for Rosa Parks, the great American civil rights activist.

Members are all employers like us, and the organisation brings us training, events organisation and internal surveys to make sure that we have the right framework and strategies to carry through our values and to respect diversity throughout our company.

In September 2017 Gucci hosted the sixth LGBT People at Work Conference.

In 2018, Gucci held internal training sessions at its offices in Italy entitled: “Words that exclude, beyond the mirror what is there?”. The President of Parks – Liberi e Uguali, spoke to employees about the importance of “words”. Those seemingly harmless words, we very often use without knowing they may offend some of our colleagues and make them feel excluded; the meetings created the occasion for a dialogue on the ways to make our workplace more inclusive.

Festival dei Popoli

We are always looking for ways that we can help our Gucci employees engage with critical social issues. Documentary film is a medium that speaks to us all. In 2016 we sponsored the Festival dei Popoli, an internationally renowned documentary festival showcasing important work on social issues including diversity, inclusion, gender and empowerment.

We screened the documentary Un Altro Me (by Claudio Casazza), which focuses on violence against women.

In 2017 we sponsored the Festival dei Popoli for the second year in a row, screening Gigi Gorgeous, a documentary focusing on LGBT inclusion, in association with Parks – Free and Equal.

Valore D

Gucci is committed to overturning gender imbalance and inequality. We simply don’t think this happens by standing by passively waiting for change. That’s why Gucci is a member of Valore D. This represents the first association formed in Italy of large companies that directly supports female leadership in the corporate world and getting more women into the highest ranks of government and business.

We are interested in lifelong employability. We have teamed up with the project Talenti senza età (“Ageless Talents”) in cooperation with Valore D and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan. Gucci is committed to championing the potential of women in their middle-late careers (50-65 years).


In November 2017, during the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Gucci hosted an artistic performance based on the theme of sex trafficking, organised by the non-for-profit organisation BEAWARENOW.


Gucci is a member of the Sodalitas Foundation. This is an organisation that acts as a bridge between companies and NGOs and points everyone in the same direction: to improve social cohesion in Italy.

In 2011 Gucci signed the Charter on Equal Opportunities and Equality at work, pledging to respect the principles of equal dignity and treatment at work for employees.

D.i.R.e. (Donne in Rete contro la violenza)

We have taken action to combat domestic violence. Within the company, we have trained in Italy 160 Gucci ambassadors against domestic violence in cooperation with The National Association D.i.R.e (Women’s Network against violence) the first Italian Association of independent women’s centres and shelters against violence. 

Initiatives for the Environment

To increase awareness of our collective environmental footprint, Gucci organised a “Corporate Forestation Day” in Milan, in conjunction with Rete Clima®, a non-profit organization for the promotion of sustainability and the fight against climate change. With Gucci’s Corporate Forestation Day, our people have the chance to give back to the planet.

From 2016 to 2018, we planted over 500 trees in Milan thanks to our Gucci employees. These planted trees can absorb around 350.000 Kg of CO2, the equivalent of 45 complete journeys around the Earth by car. We have also worked with Treedom, an organization dedicated to reforestation programmes within developing countries. In 2017 Gucci gifted 500 trees to Gucci store managers.