Gucci partners with for World Refugee Day

June 20th , 2019 – To celebrate World Refugee Day Gucci announced its collaboration with Tent Partnership for Refugees, the global network of companies in support of refugees.

The Tent Partnership for Refugees mobilizes the private sector to improve the lives and livelihoods of more than 25 million men, women & children forcibly displaced from their home countries. Tent believes that the business community is uniquely positioned to address the global refugee crisis by mobilizing the networks, resources, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit of the business communities.

This partnership further represents Gucci’s commitments to a Culture of Purpose where understanding, integrating and working alongside refugees is important to encourage not only diversity but also a harmonious and collaborative world at work and beyond. A world in Equilibrium.

Following UNHCR’s “Welcome” award to Gucci in 2018 for having contributed to the professional integration of refugees into the company in Italy, Gucci continues its commitment in working towards the inclusion of refugees over the years to come.

Meanwhile, Gucci has launched a series of initiatives to promote and raise awareness amongst its employees on an inclusive society model. Such as Gucci’s “Living Library” initiative, enabling people to meet, listen to each other, and promote intercultural dialogue and their on-going Artolution partnership, which helps bring public arts programming to refugee and vulnerable communities around the world, aiming to foster empowerment and social justice through self-expression and gender equality.