In 2019 Gucci debuted the next chapter of its CHIME FOR CHANGE campaign under the banner “To Gather Together,” a call for the global community to unite in support of gender equality. Alessandro Michele collaborated with Italian visual artist MP5 to create the new CHIME FOR CHANGE campaign identity, revealed on Gucci’s ArtWalls in London, Milan, New York, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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Gucci and CHIME FOR CHANGE have partnered with Irregular Labs on the latest issue of The Irregular Report, a biannual publication that explores different topics through the lens of girl and gender nonconforming Gen Zs. The most recent edition is on the theme of Fluidity, and explores Gen Z’s relationship to borders, multi-hyphenate identities, and systems. It is produced with and by a global Gen Z community.

Through The Irregular Report, CHIME FOR CHANGE celebrates the next generation of leaders who are championing gender equality and inspiring positive change through creativity and active citizenship. As a companion piece to the Report, UK director Jade Jackman was commissioned to direct a short film exploring what “gender” means to Gen Z around the world.

The film entitled The Future is Fluid explores what “gender” means to Gen Z around the world: what does it look like; how is it represented; is it even a thing. The thesis is that regardless of geographic, socio-economic or cultural differences, the expression of gender/sexuality and Gen Z attitudes toward it is amazingly consistent. Gender and sexuality for this next generation are non-topics. They just are, and therein lies a fundamental freedom, and permission to be and become whatever one chooses.

The film made its debut at a special screening event during the Sundance Film Festival 2019, followed by a global digital release on Gucci’s YouTube channel.

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On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Gucci and Chime for Change gather together to support the next generation of leaders in the fight for gender equality. We believe that connection empowers us. That each one of us is needed to create change.

We are proud to highlight Chime for Change’s work with global partners committed to empower the next generation of leaders and realize a more equitable world: Equality Now, Ms. Foundation for Women, Global Fund for Women, UN Women, I was a Sari, Vital Voices and Women Deliver.

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