We believe that connection empowers us. That every voice matters. That each one of us is needed to achieve change. We believe we can do extraordinary things when we come together.

Because none of us can move forward if half of us are held back.

We encourage our employees to advocate for the values and causes that we, as a company, stand for. We intend to use our collective strength and network of communities worldwide to spread virally our call to action.

This is why in 2013 Gucci founded the global campaign CHIME FOR CHANGE with Salma Hayek Pinault and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

The campaign’s mission is clear: to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for girls and women around the world, with a focus on Education, Health and Justice.

We are delighted that to date the campaign has raised $10 million to support 420 projects with 153 partners in 88 countries.

CHIME FOR CHANGE’s support has already directly benefited more than 400,000 girls and women, and reached nearly three million family and community members.

The work continues, through a coalition of partner organisations, including Founding Partners the Kering Foundation, Hearst Magazines, Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

For International Women’s Day 2018, Gucci and CHIME FOR CHANGE worked with artist and poet Cleo Wade, bringing the first of a series of exclusive artworks to give voice to our message of gender equality. Cleo is also the first of the Gucci Voices of Self-Expression.

In coincidence with US National registration Day , Gucci and CHIME FOR CHANGE have partnered with Cleo Wade and Rock the Vote to raise awareness and a call to action to all eligible citizens to get involved and register to vote at