Gucci committed to a four-year scholarship programme for students studying at Parsons School of Fashion.

The selected scholars will have the opportunity be considered for part-time employment at the Gucci Wooster store, Soho, New York in the capacity of a Personal Assistant to Connectors (PAC). Connectors ensure that each client’s visit is maximised. They are Gucci experts able to create a truly unique and individualized experience.

The PAC is a critical part of the equation, working one on one with the Connector to support them in an orchestrated and seamless way. Being a PAC offers the Parsons scholarship awardees the flexibility to be a Gucci associate while being a full-time Parsons student. Behind the scenes at Gucci, PACs have the opportunity to be considered their Parsons’ experience with a real-world Gucci experience. This position gives real-world insight and learning in buying, merchandising, marketing, visual merchandising, product knowledge, client service, KPI analytics and branding.