In October 2018 we opened ‘Gucci École de l’Amour’ , our innovative education programme inside ArtLab designed to develop the skills associated with the house’s artisanal craft and production.

The school offers a unique training experience, structured as follows:

Craftsmanship School (Scuola dei Mestieri): a six-month programme in Gucci ArtLab, with the objective of educating trainees in the entire product design and production process for leather goods.

Factory School (Scuola di Fabbrica): a bi-monthly programme in Gucci’s factories, with the objective of training people to become ‘production operators’ specialised in specific leather goods manufacturing operations.

Technical Academy: an internal programme aimed at offering specific technical training for Gucci employees working in different departments and in the Gucci factories.

The teachers of these three courses are not only artisans and managers from our company who dedicate part of their time to mentoring and education; but also retired former colleagues who wish to transmit their own unique knowledge to the new generations.

The education, nurturing and passing on of artisanal skills and knowhow, is essential for the long-term sustainability of a company like Gucci, which relies on a tradition of craftmanship with an eye to pioneering the design of the future.

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