Idea Generation

The real success factor of visionary companies is their constant ability to innovate and experiment, challenging the status quo. We want to harness the innovation potential of all the people who work with us.

We gather ideas throughout the organisation, including through a Shadow Comex; through lunches with leadership; through the channels we have set up at store level such as Ermes chat (a tool where store managers can launch a monthly topic to be discussed thoroughly); through the Leadership & Innovation Program; through an innovation contest launched in the Leather Goods and Shoe Business Unit; and, through proactive informal conversations within teams.

In the first year of collecting and documenting new ideas from the organisation we collected a total of 750 suggestions, almost half of them were prioritized (implemented or under development), the majority of the rest were postponed for further revision and only a few declined.

These initiatives are key drivers to foster innovation in our company, to challenge the status quo and to enforce creativity at every level (there is no right or wrong, every idea is good!) – these are the values that define our company culture.