Corporate Culture

We firmly believe that the foundations for Gucci’s success lie not only in the brilliant design vision of our Creative Director, Alessandro Michele but is also held in the wealth of human capital and talent that we possess.

By that we mean the people who work directly for the brand, or indirectly across the supply chain. These people make Gucci what it is today.

By developing an effective corporate culture, we can make sure that the potential of the people in our business is unlocked, not just for our own immediate benefit but for the benefit of wider society.

Ultimately because we believe so strongly in the need for positive change and to meet global goals on social and environmental equity, we believe our people have a fundamental role in accelerating change and meeting these goals.

– We believe wholeheartedly that creativity and innovation must be at the centre of our business strategy.

– We are invested in being a learning organisation, one that continually evolves through agile decision-making and empowerment at every level.

– Our mission is to create a defined and active corporate culture that constantly challenges the status quo, encourages risk-taking and prioritises passion, joy, authenticity, trust and inclusivity in the way we work together.