Developing our Supply chain

An extended family: The Gucci family is extensive. Around 25,000 people work for Gucci indirectly throughout our supply chain. They are not directly employed by us, but they are definitely part of our culture. Many of these companies have supplied Gucci for over two or three generations. They are us, and we are them.

The next generation: We are passionate about craftsmanship. This is expressed by our Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, who respects and draws on their craftsmanship, their dedication and creativity in everything that he does. On a daily basis, Gucci shares this appreciation and respect with the world.

Responding to change: The entire supply and demand sector  is going through a time of aggregation and vertical integration; a process that has already happened in many other industries in Italy and throughout the rest of the world. To better respond to today’s changeable market, Gucci maintains both agility and versatility to the monitoring of our supply chain.

Our manufacturing supply chain includes both internal facilities that are owned and managed directly by Gucci, as well as external facilities managed by a trusted network of suppliers.

Gucci’s internal production platform is based on technical skills, flexibility and fast processes, combining tradition with innovation and technology, entirely reinterpreting the traditional “factory” narrative.

For the production, we rely on a selected network of trusted suppliers. The skills and knowledge of these artisans are fundamental to our future; it is thanks to their experience that Gucci can keep creating and innovating in our deisgns.

We must be honest: industries like ours face a skills shortage. Society has somehow convinced young people that there is something wrong with working with their hands. The opposite is true. We are totally committed to reinstating the prestige and the value of this work. We uphold and celebrate this extraordinary supply chain in every possible way. We are fundamentally invested in the intergeneration transfer of skills and we take a strategic position to ensure that the next generation of artisans can build total confidence.